Learning & Development

Our Value Proposition

In many ways the practice of this group spans the length and breadth of HCAM's business, as nearly every aspect of business improvement in our clients can be supported by learning, development, facilitation or coaching.

Our clients ask us to help them with important issues that affect the medium and long-term success of their organisations, such as:

Do we need a long-term strategy for supporting learning and development?
How do we develop one and ensure that it is implemented?
How do we develop the management or leadership skills of our senior people?
What operational and management structures do we need and how do we make them work in practice?
Are there more efficient ways of delivering our services that clients will notice, appreciate and pay for?
Is there a better way to develop people than “sending them on a course”?

Our Approach

We adopt a ‘change management’ approach to help clients develop and implement practical and lasting changes, through;

Design and delivery of integrated training & development programmes
Consultancy advice on strategic and operational issues in learning and development

We believe in bringing together the best of current management thinking and old-fashioned common sense. We understand the culture and ethics of professional practice and partnerships, for example, the importance of client confidentiality. We set out to enjoy our work and find that our clients enjoy working with us.

The HCAM Learning & Development Group - Putting experience, expertise and imagination into action for the long-term benefit of our clients.

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