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DASER Model - proprietary consulting framework developed by HCAM Group. We deploy DASER as one of the tools in our Consulting assignments.

Diagnosis is the first step in our consulting assignment. We would seek to understand the issues, challenges, underlying factors, culture and the nature of your organisation as well as the industry you operate in.

Analysis is the process of breaking the results of our diagnosis or complex issues into smaller parts to gain a better understanding. Analysis involves identifying the needs and determining the solutions to business problems.

Solution is the stage where we come up with different options as solutions going forward. Solution can be a product or a combination of products and services, we offer clients. These deliverables clearly describe the solutions goals and scope, capabilities to be implemented, and the risks associated with the program of work that must be carried out.
Execution Organizations around the globe dedicate countless hours and significant resources to developing comprehensive business strategies in pursuit of one singular goal; success. Execution is essentially translating your strategy into reality. It is not just identifying problems, but actually implementing solutions to achieve underlying business objectives.

Results. This is clear measurable results of our intervention. We quantify the impact of implementing changes on the business either by way of measuring the Return on Investment or assessing impact on sales, performance, behaviour and other intangible benefits.
and money.

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